1. Payment

1.1. You can purchase your desire product by make a payment via payment methods which are available at that time. Currently, we accept perfect money, payeer, airtm and advcash as payment gateway.

1.2. We have no refund policies, that mean you can’t request a refund once you’ve sent a payment to us.

1.3. Don’t forget to enter the transaction ID on the box under payment method during purchase. Otherwise, we’ll not be able to complete your order. If someone made this mistake, then he/she should contact us immediately.

2. Download

2.1. You’ll get permission to download your purchased product after we’ve completed your order. You’ll receive a mail from us when we’ll complete your order.

2.2. You’ll be able to download your product 2 times within 3 days, after that your link will be expired.

2.3. PTC ready packages are not downloadable, we will just install the package on your hosting.

3. Installation

3.1. We’ll install your product only 1 time for free, after that it will charge 50% of product price for installation.

3.2. Don’t edit any file without the knowledge of coding. If you try to edit any files and broke its code, we will not be responsible for it.

3.3. Recently, we’re not selling domain and hosting. But you can buy it from us by contacting us manually.